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I Always Hated Writing

As a kid I hated writing. It was my worst skill during school. These day I enjoy it. Gathering my thoughts to both help and humor my reader is the best!

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What a Year!

Trigger Warning: The following post will discuss health issues such as infertility and weight gain. Every December I set one lofty goal for the next year and one realistic. When I think of my goals I always say a silent prayer for gratitude for my health. Born a little over 2 months early with aContinue reading “What a Year!”

Hello Again!

It’s been a long time since I had time to write. We’ve officially be Florida residents 3 months and it feel like a lifetime. Everything with our house was the absolute cluster we expected it to be. The dust has settled and we’re enjoying our house more. Being close to Disney is a dream. ThereContinue reading “Hello Again!”


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